Making an Impact with Video Marketing

Online video has become an integral part of our digital world. With users sharing videos on Facebook and websites such as YouTube, there’s a constant flow of new information to be consumed. Also, an increasing amount of people are consuming video from their smartphone, tablet, computer and connected TV devices. Currently, users are devoting a [...]

Digital as the Great Equalizer at Enterprise University

Want to gain more ideas on how to market your business online with a modest budget and still make an impact? Register to attend Digital as the Great Equalizer, hosted by #EnterpriseUniversity and Amplified Digital Agency May 10th, 2018! Register Now or download the course book at   Learn how to use digital [...]

Voice Search: How it Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Many smartphone users have discovered the convenience of their built-in assistants while on the go, such as Siri, Google, and Bixby. Now, with the growth of devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the new Apple HomePod, more users are utilizing their voice-activated assistants at home. Currently, 43% of people use voice-activated search at [...]

Meet Becca, Megan, and Cody!

Amplified Digital is excited to welcome Becca, Megan and Cody to our growing team! So what gets these newbies Amplified? Becca: Account Coordinator Prior to joining our team, Becca attended SIU as a film major/marketing minor and was president of a marketing and sales professional fraternity. It was during this time that she realized she [...]

Facebook’s Algorithm Change: What’s Happening & What to Expect

If you keep up to date on digital advertising news, you’ve undoubtedly seen headlines regarding Facebook’s plans to update users’ news feeds, to “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people” and to “prioritize posts from friends and family over public content”. Having an active Facebook presence, including social advertising, has become a [...]

Sweet Digital Marketing Deals

Whew! We made it through the Holidays! Hopefully your company had a wonderful Holiday season and you're off to a prosperous New Year! The team at Amplified thought we'd help kick off the year with some amazing "Sweet Deals" on digital marketing - including a PPC Campaign offer, Audience targeted display bonus dollars, and free [...]

Setting 2018 Resolutions for Your Company

As the end of the year approaches, most of us reflect on the year we've had, and begin to set our personal resolutions for the New Year. But what about your professional resolutions? If you're a business owner or entrepreneur, you should be inclined to set professional goals and "Business Resolutions" to help grow and [...]

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