The Importance of Adaptability

One of the most difficult aspects of being in a new environment is having to learn new things and accept change. I have found this to be true at many times throughout my life thus far, including joining new teams, schools, or any organization in general. Often the main goal that can be difficult to [...]

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Establishing your Personal Brand: Social Media Edition

The hiring process has been drastically changed over the last decade due to social media. Many employers are looking to social media as a pre-screening phase during the interview process. For those about to graduate college, social media management is essential to each student as an individual. After writing blogs about how businesses can most [...]

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How being an Athlete has Prepared me for Life

This topic has always been one that is difficult for me to write about. I don't typically attribute one of my activities to achieving success because I think being involved in multiple things can also contribute to success. What I have come to realize is being an athlete in itself does plenty to prepare someone [...]

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5 Ways LinkedIn can Impact your Marketing Strategy

Promoting a business on LinkedIn can require far different tactics than those used on other social media sites. Similarly, promotion on LinkedIn can be more beneficial and influential than that on other sites. This is not to degrade the vast opportunity within other social avenues, however LinkedIn provides something more readily than other sites: credibility. [...]

Why We Shouldn’t Forget About Reading

In today’s society, everything is often so fast paced that we forget to stop and really enjoy things. One of the things that I have been trying to do, especially recently, is force myself to get back into reading books. Forcing may be a strong word because I do enjoy reading, but it is easy [...]

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Understanding Vocation

I can imagine that few people enjoy getting up early five days a week to go to work, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy what they do. I’ve never really understood how some pursue careers only for the money with little consideration regarding whether they enjoy the work or not. Over the past few [...]

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Brand Presence Building: Why it Matters

Marketing for your business and your products can be an overwhelming process. The tactics necessary for advertising products versus your business are completely different. Publicity surrounding your business as a whole is often called brand awareness. Brand awareness can be easily overlooked once advertising specific products or services becomes frequent. Awareness campaigns are essential no [...]

The Importance of Understanding Process

I have come to realize how caught up in the motions one can be during their college years. With assignments and projects being thrown your way one after another, the task at hand is to get it done as soon as possible, whatever it takes. Once I began working in a more structured work environment, [...]

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