Targeted Display

Reach potential consumers on desktop, tablet & mobile

Targeted Display, also called Programmatic, allows you to place your message in front of potential customers where they spend time online, utilizing targeting segments such as demographic information, website category, browsing behavior, and search habits. Amplified Digital leverages data from publishers and readers, and pairs it with data from third-party websites across a massive network to target your message to the best possible audience. Your campaign is optimized in real-time, and can be modified at any time to suit your company’s changing needs.

Benefits of Targeted Display

  • Maximize exposure by targeting your best audience
  • Gain a competitive advantage & Drive market share growth
  • Increase brand awareness to your target audience
  • Encourage repeat business & Build a new customer base
  • Drive engagement and traffic to your website
  • Reconnect with your website visitors
  • Track ad campaign conversions
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